Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Date: September 28th 2009 (Environment Test)

Today I received an email from Nick Sadler, explaining that he might have an opportunity for students of the course to become junior artists for Evolution Studio.
Students will have to complete a test which involves creating some 3D environmental artwork.
At this point I was in the middle of planning out my workflow for creating the PS3 character but I felt that I could not miss out on this opportunity. If I was successful working in the studio may rapidly increase my experience with using 3D applications and I will also be in the best position to learn more about the development industry.
Nick mentioned that students will receive content for the test sometime during this week.

At this point in my own project I still have lots of planning to sort out but I will try my best to time manage the test and college work.

Here is an overview of my development pipeline for my custom character, by keeping a visual list of my pipeline it will help me to remember what to do after each section is complete.

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