Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Date: November 18th 2009 (Meeting with Alan)

On Monday 16th I had a meeting with my mentor Alan Wales, the reason I arranged a meeting with him was to keep him updated with the progress of my character and to get some guidance with some parts of the character that I was concerned about.
The things that I have beeen cocerned about was the topology of the left arm, which is very basic and I was worried that it wouldn't bend properly at the elbow. Alan suggested that it should be ok, just make sure that you have enough edgeloops in that area.

Another concern at the moment is how to construct the characters hair, there are many ways to make the hair for game characters and I wanted to check with Alan if using polygon plains would give me the best results.
Alan confirmed that using plains for the hair is perfectly fine, when it come to texturing the hair create the hair texture as an alpha so that only the hair texture can be seen. Make sure to sculpture the hair line on the mesh of the characters face and all of the polygons under the hat can be deleted.

Simple plains to make hair.

Alan suggested that the breasts are to far apart and need to be drawn in closer.

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