Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Final character artwork

I'm still working on the final artwork, but heres what I have done so far.

Constructive comments would be appreciated.

Basic artwork

Just a poster to show the character in action and to give the audience an idea of what the character does.

Final power pack

This is the final steam power back pack, I can’t wait to build this in Maya.

Final Character Head

The final head is the one with red hair, I chose that hair style because I felt that is suits the time period that the character is from.

Celebrity faces

Here are the celebrities I used to create my characters face, I wanted the character to look European so I looked at images of Audury Hepburn. I decided not to use Audury because she is very elegant and I think she wouldn’t suit the role of a fierce warrior, she would be more of a cool agent spy. Anyway I looked at modern celeb’s like Winona, Jennifer and Kate.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Concepts for character head

During this sketch work I was still unsure of my character facial details will look like, so I played around with a few ideas. Later on I decided to use the facial details of an actor or some one who is in the media and has that European look about them.

Final concept sketches with action pose.

The following Sketches are the final idea for my characters outfit and look in general. I have chosen this look because I feel that it makes her look like old military (1920’s), the design is quite simple for modelling purposes and her hair style reflects her personality. I have sketch the character in action poses to get a feel of how flexible the characters movement is.

During this sketch I have found out that characters within unreal can have amour added to the character so I have designed extra amour. The following sketches have the extra amour on the character to see what it will look like.

More concept sketches

Simple ideas for the characters facial detail , emblem and outfit.

sketch work

With most of my ideas I will look at any object of interest (in this sketch the object is a can opener) I will use the shape of that object in my sketches.

Character Sketch work

Here are some early ideas that I played around with before thinking about the final concept. I chose not to use some of these sketches because I wanted the character look like they are from an older period, look more elegant and not look like a steam powered robot.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Final emblem

Finished version of my characters emblem, this will be placed on the jacket or amour of my character.

Emblem sketches

Theses are rough sketches exploring my ideas for the characters emblem that will be placed on the character jacket or armour. I would also look at the silhouette of my emblem so that I can generate new emblems with shapes.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Concept and research

This concept sheet is a demonstration of how I have used my research photographs to create parts of the characters outfit.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Anatomy studys

Anatomy will play a big part in the success of my characters body mesh and placement of the edge loops. Understanding anatomy will give my character a very realistic appearance and realistic movement.

Anatomy can help with working out the topology of the characters edge loops.

More character concept work

Another concept drawing exploring the characters movement, outfit and were objects will be placed on the character.

Character hair styles

My character is female so it is important for her to have a hair style that suits her attitude.

These are sketches exploring my ideas.

Characters engine back pack

With this sketch I was exploring ideas for the engine back pack which will power all of the gadgets on my character.

Characters gun

This is some concept work for the characters gun, which is going to the placed on the characters body only for decoration purpose.