Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Date: December 2nd 2009 (UV mapping)

Everthing is going very well at the moment and if I continue to work at this rate, my model should be ready to trasfer into the Unreal engine by early January.

Gant chart showing my plans for december.

So far I have completed most of the sculpturing for the trousers, boots, ammunition pockets and pistol. I have also done most of the sculpturing for the Left arm, uniform jack and armour.

During the process I have also made the low polygon version that directly covers each object and now I need to layout the UV’s for each object.

I have mentioned in my rational that Unreal Editor needs the character UV’s placing in a particular order for the engine to be fam

iliar with the characters mesh.

Each object that I model has a single UV set and when I have completed UV un-wrapping the entire model I will place them into the required space and edit the normal map for each object in Photoshop.

Unreal layout map.

UV map for the torso section of my character needs to be placed in the torso region for Unreal ED.

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