Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Date: January 6th 2010 (Massive Update)

As I have mentioned in my previous journal entry I need to take some contingency time based upon family health issues which I am very pleased to say that the person has recoved back to full health.
So this journal entry will cover some of the things that I have been doing in some of the free time that I had in December.

I have completed most of the characters body; some of the remaining parts left are the steam engine pack, the facal details and hat.
I decided to work on the characters facail details fist because I felt that it will take lest time to complete. I was planning to only use texturing for the characters facial details because she will not have any huge scars or anything that will stand out on a normal map. However from looking at other in-game character models of Unreal Tournament 3 I felt that it would be necessary to add a normal map to increase some detail like skin pores on her face and to also lower the polygon count.

Imported from Maya into Zbrush.

From Maya I have imported all of the parts which I felt will add extra detail to the head.
For the hair my original plan was to sculpture strands of hair onto each of the plains but I felt that I would achieve better results if I sculpture the hair onto the mesh of the head. I also felt that it would be easier to sculpture the hair around the ears and it will look thicker then just adding more plains with alpha textures around the head.

Scrap using planes, just use the head mesh.

I used meny photo references to get the hairstyle to look right (Right: google image).

For the sculpturing of the hat I want to keep the design fairly sample, in the same style of the reference images that I used.

On Tuesday everyone was sent home from work due to the really bad weather conditions that has taken effect on most of the country.

Cars flying across the roads.

Because I travel down the motorway to work I had the rest of this week off, which I felt was the perfect opertunitiy to catch up on some work and finish off some of the areas that needs some more sculpturing.

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