Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Date: December 16th 2009 (Contingency period)

For my progress so far I have sculptured the Power Gauntlet in Zbrush making sure that I add detail that will make the object look damaged and used.

During the process of UV unwrapping the power gauntlet I realise that I will need to separate objects like the pipes, I am still not sure where this will be placed on the Unreal layout but deal with that when I get to that stage.

I still have a few objects that need to go into Zbrush to sculpture more detail on to them, objects like the sword I would like to add some patterns to the sleave of the sword.

Just very simple pattern detail will go on the sword.

Like I have mentioned in earlier journal reports being a mature student will sometime have quite a few disadvantages when juggling work life, personal life and the college work load.

At the moment a member of my family is seriously ill and they will need to attend hospital for an operation.

Things like this are totally random and could happen to anyone at any time, so I may need to take some contingency time away from the project over December to take care of them until they are back to good health. However when I do get some free time I will do some 3d work, I will update my progress offline and some parts the journal maybe a brife entery so I want to apologise ahead of time.

Changes in my Gant chart.

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