Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Monday, 25 January 2010

Date: January 25th 2010 (Testing one two three)

Before getting to the progress of my present stage, I looked back at my characters UV’s and made sure that I reduce any stretching on each of the UV’s on the entire model.
From early lectures provided by Nick and also Alan Wales they both mentioned that saving UV space is very important and parts of the model could lose some detail because of careless spacing. I am very convinced that this is a very important factor to laying out the UV’s, however in the early stages of writing out my assignment (last year pre-production) I did promise to set out my UV’s in the Unreal way and this is why I will criticise the Unreal mapping layout.

So much space could have been saved in unused areas.

Recently I have some time away from work to try and get familiar with Unreal Editor over this weekend, which is what I promised myself I would do.

So at this point I have my low polygon mesh ready to put into the engine and I tried to import my mesh into Unreal using the Actor X –plugin for Maya 2008.
The reason for using Maya 2008 was because of finding out of all the errors other users have come across with Maya 64-bit and untested versions of ActorX, Maya 8.5 and 2008 seems stable.
So the mesh is ready and the first thing I try is importing the mesh into Actor X, “BIG ERROR” which even crashed out Maya.
The problem was that I have no bones registered to my character, so I’ve got to go back to Maya and rig my character.
So after another sleepless night and a few pops of pro-plus I rigged the character and successfully imported it into Unreal “JOY”.

Still needs more work, but its good to see some thing after staying up untill morning.


Dean said...

Good to see the character is working in Unreal. Nice one Tony.
I like that you have critisiced the Unreal UV template that you have to follow. It is a pain and I have just been teaching the 2nd years this and its such a shame taht so much space is wasted.

Tony said...

Its very true lots of spaces are left empty to transfer mods over to UT-ED which would not go down well in an interview for a job, however when the course is over I will change the maps or just create an other character. Thanks for the comment.