Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Date: March 17th 2010 (Change of plan)

Now the main part of the project is out of the way I could continue to create another version of Teresa for Unreal tournament 2004, but I feel that it is not necessary to continue making another version of Teresa at this point because the growth process of making the PSP PS2 then PS3 version has been broken.
So what I plan to do is fall back onto Teresa’s story and bring forword another character, which will help me demonstrate skills which I have used to create Teresa.

I felt that it would be obvious to create the bad guys of the story which I would like to create as mod character in future development, maybe for the Black Legion faction of UT3.
So I decided to create the head engineer of Teresa’s scientific team which I felt would create a stronger story for Teresa.

The engineer character will not be imported into the Unreal 3 engine for this character I will just create some nice renders using Maya and show case this character.
The reason for not importing this character into Unreal is that he will not fit into the theme of Unreal 3, my first character Teresa fits into the theme because she look as if she is in a war zone. After delivering my package to the Epic forums I realised that I got three stars for my character which is what I was expecting because the idea of my character was different from the usual characters that people create for Unreal.
Teresa was not the typical busty war babe with hardly any armour covering the vital parts of her body, so I feel that the design lost out on stars because of this.
In my future developments I would like to test this theroy and creating a typical Unreal character just to see if more stars are awarded to the typical character.
Anyway back to the development of my new engineer character and here is some of the work I have done recently.

I started out with a simple low polygon mesh.

I used sub divide to see how the model will look with more polygons.

I started to unwrap the UV of the characters head and body. (Spacing of the UV's need sorting).

Low polygon assets are imported into Zbrush for sculpturing.

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