Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Date: March 10th 2010 (UT3 Package)

I have delivered my package files to the epic community by using a download link for rapid, users may have to wait 30 seconds before they can download the package for free which I feel is a short time to wait for downloading a top quality character. In response to my post which advertised my character a few people gave me some feed back about some errors with my package. The errors is the PS3 action cam Mutator which works fine on my PS3 console but other users are experiencing problems with the file, so tested this out on other PS3 consoles and the file was not working.
After finding this out I have downloaded another file which is work perfectly with all PS3 consoles. The other problem which was suggested by a user was that it takes long for users to download the package files and some people will give up waiting for 30 seconds before downloading. At this point in the project I feel that it is not priority to back track on minor mistakes, however I will fix any problems in future development.

If you would like to use the action cam for PS3 please click on the action cam link and follow the instructions to install the file onto the PS3.

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