Production Document ( 2nd year )

Production Document ( 2nd year )

Friday, 13 November 2009

Date: August 3rd 2009 (The Project)

During the summer I had a lot of time to re-evaluate my project and think about what I would what to gain from my experience of this project in general. After my final presentation at the end of the term, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to some of Sony’s development team. I felt that making contact with the development team could give me some insight on how efficently 3D artists work within the department and maybe I could get some guidance with my own project.
So during the past few months I stayed in contact with Nick Sadler who as really influenced me and has gave me some guildence with my project.
In a meeting with Nick, we created an idea to extend my character to more than just two formats which was an excellent idea to add more 3D work to my portfolio at the end of my degree course.

Here are a few guidlines to the extension of my project suggested by Nick Sadler.

1 – PSP character

PSP-res - 1000-1500 Triangles (TRIANGLES, not polygons) for the whole character - body/head/weapon.

Make every triangle count!! - Take notice of edge-loops around joints used in rigging/animating
I know you won't be animating, but demonstrating that awareness really doesn't hurt!

2 256x256 textures for the body/steam pack (that means 2 differently unwrapped sections, and 1 UV unwrap for each.
1 128x128 for her face.
1 64x64 for the weapon.

JUST diffuse colour maps.

2 – UT2004 character (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC)

UT2004 res - 4000-6000 Triangles for the whole character - body/head/Weapon
2 1024x1024 for the body, Diffuse Colour / Specular
2 512x512 for the head/face, Diffuse/Specular
2 256x256 for the weapon, Diffuse/Specular

3 – UT3 character (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

UT3 res - 8000-12000 triangles for everything, Body, Head, Weapon

3 1024x1024 for the body, Diffuse/Specular/Normal
3 512x512 for the steam pack, Diffuse/Specular/Normal
3 512x512 for the Face/Head, Diffuse/Specular/Normal3 256x256 for the weapon, Diffuse/specular/normal

For every texture, do each in a PSD at 1024x1024 then scale down.

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